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Big XII Roundtable: Kansas is Ranked What Now? Edition
Our brothers from Big Red Network ask the questions, but all of the colors from the Big XII conference answer the call and with gusto might I add. MidWest Coast Bias is no exception as we tackle questions on our own Huskers, Sam Bradford, Mark Mangino's Kansas squad and the Texas Longhorns.
11/05/2006 Edition of MWCB:

Segment One
(OSU Review With a New Twist, Brandon Jackson & Marlon Lucky, Listner E-mail

Segment Two
(Depth Chart Changes, Greg Austin, the Offensive Line, Firing Frenzy, Impromptu Interference, Heard it Through the Grapevine)

Segment Three
(Mizzou's Key Players, Questions to be Answered, Game Predictions and Score Prediction)

MidWest Coast Bias: Compact and Ready to Go Edition
The MidWest Coast Crew eyes the state of Nebraska football, introduce you to the Nebraska Manbear, inspect the possible pros and cons to the Cornhuskers' current recruiting fortunes before reppin' the vivacious Nebraska volleyballers. As an added bonus, an old friend comes back permanently.
You Win Some, You Lose Some
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In the game of recruiting, things can get topsy-turvy in a hurry, but when you've got uncertainty in the coaching ranks, it can happen even quicker. Nebraska was faced with even more bad news when one of their prized recruits officially de-committed and several others are looking for a Plan B should something happen that they're not comfortable with, but this cloud came complete with a silver lining.
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